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From the Authors of The Vision Guided Life, Kay & Olu Taiwo

Agents of Change: Arise, Shine; Your Light Has Come!

You are an agent of change; yes you are! You have been equipped with tools to fulfill your God-given assignment. What you need is illumination; illumination is a personal revelation of an already existing truth.

In these 284 pages you will:
  • Discover how to demolish six identity myths
  • Be able to answer the question of identity
  • Grasp 7 great truths about your life’s purpose
  • Discover the principles of time & seasons
  • Understand the power of a biblical ideology
  • Learn the triggers of influence
  • Learn the difference between tactics and strategy
  • Learn how to develop a biblical worldview
  • Grasp how to positively impact your culture and world


(Or Listen to Chapter 1)


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